About Us

I had the opportunity to improve my personal health and start Positive Wellness in 2001 and are based in Hyderabad . My own experience of practicing Wellness habits have helped me to guide my clients . Ideally it takes 3 to 6 months to establish new health habits and help them to lose weight & learn how to maintain weight.

I got trained with Herbalife International in USA , Singapore , Malaysia , Indonesia ,Bangkok , Macau and India which has help to develop my skills as a coach . I help wellness coaches to set up Healthy Lifestyle centres in different localities of Hyderabad.

I work with my clients in the following areas and help them to change habits & have great health
Nutrition & daily food | Exercise | Healthy Active lifestyle | Behaviour patterns

Personal Story:

In April 2000, I was 36yr old & 94 kilos, very busy about my exhibition business. I was travelling, eating outside food. Missing exercise and sleeping late. I saw my friend improve health, lose weight when I met after few months and understood that I need a coach who will guide & motivate me to continue my effort to change my health habits.

My coach helped me to realise that everyone needs good health to take care of family, business or job and need to focus for 30 minutes to 1 hr daily about my health. When I started to follow the guidelines from my coach & focus towards my health and reduced an amazing 18 kilos in less than 4 months. I am maintaining my weight for last 16 years and as 52 year old, feel more energetic, healthy.

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Positive Wellness

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